Where to see The News Pressed

 Limited edition prints are on show at The Railing Gallery December, 2019 and in the VIP room of The London Art Fair with Future Icons January, 2020.




a year of fleeting floral news stories

'There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours' – Jean-Paul Satre

The News Pressed is a collection of artworks created by textile designer and artist, Kate Lewis. Kate processes the news from Spring 2018 through to Spring 2019 via intricate botanical collages made directly from newsprint.

“This all started when I could not take any more news. I was going about my daily domestic life: walking the dog, doing a food shop, watching the seasons change while bombs are going off and disasters are happening that I have no relation to, control over, or complete understanding of.”

Kate found herself—quite literally—dissecting the news; going back to basics with scissors, newspaper, and glue as a way of processing the state of world affairs. What began as a calming act of low-tech creativity has resulted in a beautifully multilayered and subconscious fusion of nature, current events, design and media. 

The flower—a fleeting beauty—signifies places and seasons. They are present for all of our major life events: births, deaths, weddings, birthdays. 

At first glance, you see a beautiful image of a flower, but upon closer examination the story emerges—fragmented pieces of history, staccato words, a familiar font, a sly bit of irony, the symbolism of the bloom:

  •  'Cherry blossom in bud'—the explosive start to spring in London—tells the story of the bombings in Syria courtesy of The Sunday Telegraph.

  •  'Greenbell'—inspired by the Guardian’s coverage of one man’s story from the Windrush scandal this last summer—conveys the ship that brought many of that generation to the UK in the 40’s 

  • 'Chrysanthemum'—tells the Times’ story of the Jamal Khashoggi murder last Autumn in the Saudi embassy.  

  • 'Ilex'—taken from The Sun—recalls the winter story of the parrot that fell in love with an Amazon Alexa.  


Kate translates the language of culture, political climate, and world  events into beautiful, innovative textiles tapping into a collective  subconscious that speaks not only to fashion’s present, but also to its  future. Since completing her master’s degree from the Royal College of  Art in 1999, Kate’s manipulated and embroidered designs have been featured on the runways and in the collections of the best fashion  houses of New York, London, and Paris. 

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Instagram: @thenewspressed

Photography: Dan Kennedy

Text: Sloane Warren